We had a party at school on Friday. It was hilarious. I don’t write about my cultural experiences here. This is a dating blog of sort, and I keep all the other parts of my life on my travel blog, but let me tell you that the party was an amazing, genuine Thai experience.
Anyway, the teachers started drinking at 4pm. There was food, karaoke, dancing and a lot of laughter. Around 8pm it started to be obvious that half of the male teachers have a crush on me. It is difficult with Thai men. They are very shy and keep their distance until they get drunk, and even then they behave like they are back in high school, so I was surprised to see that so many of my colleagues find me attractive.

During the party I was courted (and that’s exactly how it looked like) by 23-year old teacher, who kept me company, danced with me and was so very sweet that I wanted to hug him.
My boss was very happy seeing me with him as he was trying to find me a boyfriend throughout the night.
But then he decided that one guy was not enough and he brought with him the Hunky Teacher. I had never spoken to him before, but I do like him. It turned out that he speaks a little English, so we had a nice conversation while the 23-year old was sitting next to me still smiling.

I danced with the Hunky Teacher and then went to the toilet for a minute. I came back and he was standing with the PE Teacher, who is also pretty cute. They were talking for a while and I sat at the table. Suddenly the Hunky Teacher disappeared and the PE Teacher was trying to chat to me, but his English is non existent and my Thai is not that great, so at the end he just kept saying ‘cheers’ and ‘happy new year’ every few minutes and toasting me with his glass of beer. At the end of the party he said something in Thai, but I didn’t understand, so he thought for a minute and finally said ‘I love you’ and ran away. Seriously, you can’t get anywhere with Thai men.

When I was leaving the Hunky Teacher stopped me. We exchanged a few words. Suddenly, one of the female teachers appeared, asked me if I was OK to drive and then said something to the Hunky Teacher in Thai, while pointing at me. He replied and she smiled at me. From what I could understand she was trying to get him to drive me home, and he said that he was too drunk.

The whole time I was behaving myself. It is not acceptable in Thai culture to touch one another, even if you are in a relationship. I think (and I hope it looked like that) that I didn’t breach any cultural norms. I did flirt slightly with the guys, but didn’t touch anyone and was on my best behaviour. However, I am sure I am the hottest gossip at school right now. Luckily, I don’t understand Thai, so I will just pretend that I don’t know that they are talking about me and my fan club.