Oh god, I have the silliest friends ever! We were suppose to meet for dinner last night and it ended up with us staying at the bar until 3 (I had to get up at 6 this morning). I didn’t get drunk, which was great, so today I am only tired. Oh, I had a blast. We were talking about everything and nothing. It was raining outside and there was no more perfect place for that perfect night.

The things between me and Mr R are getting interesting.

I am afraid that if I write about him here someone might judge him in a bad way. Let me just tell you that my sister adores him, and it is really difficult for Sis to have friendly feelings for people.
Mr R is adorable and kind and he never means anything bad for anyone.
He is in a weird relationship with this Thai girl. He is leaving soon and they both know this won’t last and he always says that, but it is obvious that the girl has feelings for him. He lives with her temporarily, but he treats it as a hook up.
He always says that he thinks she is too boring for him and he would break it off if they didn’t live together. I think it’s a dick thing to do, so does my sister, but we can forgive him almost anything.

He showed up with her yesterday to the dinner. She stayed for a bit and went home quickly. He got drunk and after a while started to confess to me how much he would like to have sex with me. That was the second time in the last two weeks. I met him in April and we were never more than just friends, even when he stayed with me for 5 days last month. I never considered him as a sexual partner. Now, things are changing. I don’t even know when they started to change. I think it’s the same on his side, too.

He stayed overnight again as he didn’t want to drive. When I came to bed he pulled me towards him and started kissing my neck and then we made out for a long time. Nothing happened except that. Another guy, who just wants to kiss and cuddle. What is wrong with the world??

Maybe it is good that nothing happened. We have our friendship at stakes. It wasn’t awkward this morning when we woke up. It was normal, like always, but I am afraid that if we have sex (which I do want) we are going to end up destroying our friendship.As I said, he is leaving soon. He is going to drive his motorbike to Poland from here and I won’t see him for a very long time, but I do want to be besties now until he leaves and then keep in touch. I really don’t want this to be awkward for us. I know he wants me as much as I want him…I know that there won’t be any more feelings, but then…who knows….Should I keep away, or should I just let it happen?

Besides that, I haven’t heard from the kinky Israeli (thank god!), I am messaging with a new guy on OKC, who looks cute and super nerdy, and I am waiting for the Unicorn to arrive in Chiang Mai – I have been messaging him for ages on OKC, and I really would like to meet him.