C. is 40 years old woman from South America, living in Chiang Mai. She is a freelance interpreter. She used to be journalist, so she has an extensive knowledge about art and the world in general. We share the passion for photography, we are both divorced, and I love hanging out with her. Recently she has become my best friend. She has a wild side of course (all my friends do) and when we go out it is usually a lot of fun, but on Saturday things turned a little strange and it was all because Mr R.

I knew she had a little crush on him. Sister noticed that, too. She always tries to flirt with him and get him to sleep over at her place when we are out and he can’t drive back home. He responds to that in a nice and friendly way, probably treating it as a joke. He hasn’t slept at her place once and always goes to my place. When we are alone he always asks me in a jokey way to protect him from her.

She never said anything to me about him, even though we are both very close. I never felt like there was much competition between us when it came to Mr R.

The night on Saturday started at my place, where 4 of us drank wine, ate snacks and told each other stories from our lives. Mr R. came over without her Thai Hook Up Girl. She was going away on Monday and the weekend was supposed to be their last time together, but he seemed not care that much.
After spending some time at my flat we decided to go to the local club. When we got there C seemed like she was drunker than any one of us. No one knew how she got to that place. Maybe she was having one of those days that you don’t need much to get drunk.

She kept disappearing in the club and then appearing again with another bottle of beer. She was getting drunker and drunker. It was funny at first, but then we began to worry. She got into a state where she really didn’t look well.

She started talking to me about Mr R. ‘You need to leave him alone’ she said to me ‘it is obvious that he’s in love with the Thai Hook Up Girl.’
Was it? I was tiny bit surprised. I really didn’t notice that. He told me he wanted to sleep with me, he also said that the Thai Hook Up Girl was boring and he didn’t like her that much, so when did C get an idea that he was in love with that girl?
‘Seriously’ said C ‘you and him don’t have any connection at all. I mean, AT ALL..’
I reminded her that we actually kissed and we had something there.
‘Meh’ she rolled her eyes ‘you only snuggled and kissed. That doesn’t mean anything. Me and him however, well we have so much sexual tension!’
All I could reply to that was ‘huh?’
She then proceeded to tell me again why I should leave Mr R alone. Being so drunk she was repeating herself for at least 10 minutes. I listened patiently. I knew she was drunk, so I let her talk. I started thinking that she was probably right. I decided to leave Mr R. alone, no matter if he was into C, or in love with the Thai Hook Up Girl. I’ve had enough of the situation.
After listening to her for a long time, I finally pushed her aside and shouted that it was fine, that she can do whatever she wanted, and I didn’t give a fuck. My reaction surprised even me. It wasn’t because I was upset that he might be into someone else, I was just irritated by a very drunk C. and her talking so much.
I forgave her straight away. You can blame anyone for what they say, when they actually don’t even know that they are talking absolute bullshit.

I was standing at the side, talking to Mr R. about something, and not trying to flirt with him this time. From a corner of my eye I saw Sister being led out by C.
They were gone for a while. When they came back, Sister took me to the side. ‘Divorcedandsingle’ she said ‘I think C. is seriously in love with Mr R.’ That didn’t surprise me. ‘She also thinks’ Sister continued ‘that they have something going on there. I tried to tell her that it needs to be mutual, but she really thinks that Mr R. is into her.’

I couldn’t believe that. I think she was trying to make me leave him alone, so she could have her way. It was disappointing and kind of scary. I have only known her for 2 months and she always seemed like a nice, kind and honest person. Now it turned out she was a manipulative bitch. I was blaming most of it on alcohol, but then she might be like that when she’s sober, but she hasn’t showed that yet.

At 2am C. was so drunk that it was embarrassing to watch. We were trying to look after her and suggested she should go home, but she was having none of it. She was trying to touch Mr R. all the time. I left him to her. He was very concerned about her state, but there was nothing more there. He was also very embarrassed when she tried to lift his shirt up and touch his back. She was out of control. He was asking me to help him and drag her out from him, but I just shrugged my shoulders. I still didn’t know if what she said was true, so I kept my distance. Finally, we lost her somewhere in another club.

When she was gone Mr R. danced with me and we spent the rest of the time together. We kissed once, which was provoked by me. At the end of the night he had to go to his Hook Up Girl. He said he didn’t really want to that much, but she lived with her and she wasn’t going away on Monday, and he didn’t want her to think anything bad about him. He said he would come over to mine on Monday night (which is tonight), but I am not holding much hope for that. Truth to be told that I am not that fussed if anything happens between us. The Saturday night got me thinking that we shouldn’t mix friendship with sex, especially if your best friend is in love with the guy you want to have sex with.