Very often my sister and I wonder how Thai nation survived. Not only you don’t see couples holding hands, but also you don’t see men hitting on women in clubs, bars, nor on the street.

I love Thai boys, and I would like to date one, but it just seemed impossible to me to get through to them, until yesterday….

We had a big ceremony at school that started at 5am on Monday morning. During the whole day there were prayers, so I was hiding in the Teacher’s room. Only a couple of times I had to attend the ceremony. While sitting on the floor, in front of the Buddha image, I noticed the Boy, the Hunky Teacher and the PE Teacher all staring at me. I seriously don’t know how to react to this kind of attention. They never talk to me, but they obviously like me and only smile at my from a distance. Normally, I would come up to at least one of them, and maybe ask them out, but the culture here is so different that I do not know what’s allowed and what’s not. So I just return their smiles and go on with my life.

At around 7pm (yes,we were at school from 5am until 8pm) other teachers and I went outside to eat. We sat on the stairs when the Hunky Teacher passed us by and smiled at me.

‘OOh’ said my Boss, raising his eyebrows ‘new boyfriend? You like him?’ he asked.

I didn’t know what to say to that, but then thought ‘oh what the hell!’ and admitted that, indeed, I really liked the boy.

Teacher M, a very cute female colleague of mine, called the Hunky Teacher to us and started saying something quickly to him in Thai. All I understood was that I liked him, and she was asking if he liked me. I went red from top of my head to the tip of my toes. This was like in high school.

The Hunky Teacher said that he did like me and looked at me, and smiled. (OMG, I want to fuck this guy so much!)

Then they proceeded questioning him and then ‘advertising’ him to me. ‘He is so tall, and handsome, and has rich parents, and he is an architect, and will have his office in a few years, when he is done with teaching’. And during the whole thing they were serious. They weren’t joking. They were really trying to get this guy to date me…or whatever it is called, here in Thailand. I stopped protesting after a couple of minutes, and I just nodded and looked at the guy like he was a prize in a contest.

‘If you marry him, you will give me 25% from the wedding gifts’ laughed my Boss.

Suddenly, the Boy turned up.

‘Divorced and Single, which one do you prefer?’ asked my Boss. Shit, this question was so out of order, but they all waited for me to reply. I quickly changed the subject.

My Boss wrinkled his nose and said ‘I think the Hunky Teacher is better. He is taller and you like tall, right?’ Oh my god! Nothing can stay a secret in this school. I had mentioned something about height to one of the teachers, and now probably a whole school knows.

We finished eating and went inside the school. I sat next to Teacher M to observe the final ceremony. At the end the monks were throwing coins and sweets at us. I caught a couple of coins. ‘Keep it’ said Teacher M ‘it’s for good luck’. I smiled at her ‘Maybe it’s for good luck to find a new boyfriend’. ‘Yes’ she replied ‘to get the Hunky Teacher’.

So, now I know how to get a Thai boyfriend. You need to know someone, who knows a nice guy and get to him through friends, and behave like you are in high school again. Easy-peasy!