I am in Bangkok now. I have started my adventures again. I am spending 3 days here writing about my experiences for one of the travel websites. On the 20th I will be moving to India.
I am sorry to those, whom I have neglected recently. I love all of your blogs, but really didn’t have time to catch up with all of your posts. I promise I will do that soon.

The reason why I didn’t have time was because I got distracted by spending time with HIM, playing with water during the Thai New Year, and then by my family problems, which I will write about later.

As to HIM, things got intense as it always happens. I mean ‘intense’ in a good way. He rented a hostel for the time of Songkran (Thai New Year), but ended up spending most of his time with me. We went out almost every single night. One evening we took it easy and watched the ridiculous Chihuaha Movie at my place (it’s a movie I have watched a couple of times on Thai TV and remarked on it once to him, saying how relaxing it was for me to watch stupid movies after work, so he decided he needs to watch it with me).

A day before I left for Bangkok, we met all our friends and got drunk, as it happens here in Chiang Mai. It was a fun night.
At one point he said to me that he really liked me. I smiled and said that he didn’t like me and that it was time to admit that he loved me. ‘Well, I kind of do…’ he replied. I don’t know how I reacted to it. I think I was both drunk and stunned that it was hard for me to say anything. I remember asking him about it again and him repeating what he had said. Wow, just wow….

The next day we woke up and spent the day together. He took me to the bus station and said good bye. Of course, none of us said anything about the other night. I think we both have problems with expressing our feelings. I was afraid that I had misunderstood it and had been too drunk to think coherently.
We didn’t say anything about hooking up with other people while I would be away. I am not planning to, but I know he has Tinder on his phone, so maybe he will go on dates…We were just joking about me finding an Indian man, and him hooking up with backpacker girls, who we both don’t like.

I wasn’t sure if I should have said anything to him about what he said and I left it. I didn’t want to push it. But, maybe we should talk about it when I get back. Maybe, I should tell him how I feel…Although, he probably knows all that.