To distract you from my stupid decisions and reasoning I have decided to share a story with you and ask what you think of it.

It is not connected to sex or love, just to warn you.

I come from a small town in Poland. It is a very sleepy settlement that comes alive only during the summer season when thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the fresh air and white sandy beaches.

Because the people living in the town earn money during those 3 months there is a lot of competition between them…and it is often an unhealthy one.

My dad has owned a lot of business in the town during the last 30 years. Due to his recent problems and some deals he made with his partner not much has left. One of the things he owns now are boats that transport tourists from the town to the National Park. It is one of a few ways that people can get in there. The other one is by a mini van, or electric cars. These are owned by this small town Dickhead (I will call him that cause I don’t really have any other name for him).

The Dickhead is a little older than me and he is a psycho. He used to date a good friend of mine when I was still at school. He used to beat her on a regular basis. At one point he drove her out to a forest, tied her to a tree and beat the shit out of her. The girl didn’t press charges, but after years of abuse she finally got out of the relationship.

After he finished school he opened a couple of businesses in town, including the cars that I’ve mentioned. Since then whenever he feels that he loses money because of some competition he threatens people, burns their cars and houses. Every one knows what he does, but no one wants to say anything.

He also has a father and an older brother that are both policemen and whenever the Dickhead is in trouble, they make it look like it’s someone else’s fault.

A few days ago him, my dad and my dad’s business partner got into an argument. This very night my dad’s boats were set on fire. The damage is worth around 200,000 zlotych – which is a LOT of money. The boats were insured, but the damage has been done and it happened just before the summer season.

Apparently a lady, who owns a land next to were the boats were docked has a CCTV recording from that night, where you can see who caused the fire, but she is too scared to give it to my father. The woman will have to make it available to the police, but my parents fear that they will pretend like they don’t know about it.

Everyone knows in town who did it. The police officially say about arson, but it is obvious that they will not find the person who did it.

My mum is writing to the media right now, and my dad and his business partner will go to the central investigative office, but not sure if this will help at all.

There is only 4000 people in my town and they are all scared.

I don’t want to get involved in all this, but I am angry that in times, when the communism is over and we have democracy in my country things like that still happen.

What would happen in your country in such situations? What would you do?