Yesterday, after midnight (Thailand time) HE sent me a message ‘9 days’. I knew what he meant, but I pretended I didn’t. ‘To what?’ I asked. ‘Until you get back’ he replied.

I thought it was sweet of him. Most of the time when we write, which is every day, we mostly joke around, or talk about sex. From time to time he makes a comment, like ‘can you come back already?’ When I try to ask him if he misses me he dismisses it and changes the subject. Only once he said he missed me a little bit.

Yeah…a little bit…What an ass!

So, yesterday after the ‘9 days comment’ I said ‘You miss me, don’t you? I know you do…’ After which he logged out and didn’t log in again until early this morning. I knew he was out with my sister partying, so I tried not to bother him. What’s the point in talking with a drunk guy any way? But I was fuming!

Truth to be told I have never heard from him a nice word, except the time he said he might be in love with me, which was just before I left for India. I realise that actions speak better than words, but I am far away, I miss him and I want to know if he misses me, too. I am a loving, affectionate woman and I need words in my life from a man I’m in love with to make me feel good.

I do not require him to tell me anything cheesy and pay me compliments. I do not want him to tell me he misses me every day, but I do want to hear that from time to time. I feel like an idiot every time I say something to him about my feelings and he either changes the subject, or just dismisses it.

I’ve had enough! Seriously! I know I should wait until I get back and talk to him face to face, but I do need to say something now. I will wait now until he wakes up and logs in again and I will tell him what an idiot he is. That’s it! Divorced and Single is pissed off!