I will try to put this all in one post.

How is India? Well, it’s beautiful, stunning, calm, relaxing and quiet. It gets lonely at times. It is now low season here in Kerala, so there are almost no tourists. I have made friends with some locals on the beach, but most of the time I have been by myself. I have had time to think…maybe a little too much…

My favourite town so far has been Kochi. It is dirty, filthy but magical. The streets with the old colonial, falling apart houses are give the town a character.

The highlight of my trip has been the Kthakali performance – an ancient art, where usually 2 or 3 actors perform a story using only their movements and facial expressions. The play is usually accompanied by traditional music and singing.

I liked the beach, but I liked the locals there more. I talked to so many people it is hard to count.

I have been through some crazy bus rides in the mountains. I lived in a home stay, where the owner sleep walked at night and tried to get into my bed (yeah, scary!).

At the moment, I am in 5* resort. I normally don’t stay in such places, but I found a good deal on the internet and decided that this will be my early birthday present.

As to the safety – most of the time I feel safe and I am not bothered by men. Once or twice I have been catcalled, but most of the time the locals here look after me. I show up at bus stops and someone always asks me where I am going and makes sure I get on the right bus.

Indians are so nice and curious. Sometimes I just want to give them all a big hug.
Today, for a example, I got up early and went for a walk and everyone I met on my way was greeting me with a cheerful ‘good morning’. What a lovely country this is!

During this trip I have been through ups and downs, but mostly I am enjoying myself. It is a great experience.
But, I feel home sick and can’t wait to go back…9 more days!

Here are some pictures – that’s my postcard to you all.


Taken in Kochi


Sunset in Kovalam


One of my favourite shots – an albino horse and his master – taken in Munnar


A boy lightning the candles before the Kalaripayattu fight