On Saturday when we were partying a little again we went to the local club. HE was touching me all the time, holding my hand, which was nice. But it got a little uncomfortable when we bumped into the Pretty Boy, who by the way cut his hair really short and looked more yummy then ever.

The Pretty Boy talked to my other friends and managed to say a quick hello to me. Meanwhile, HE was kissing my neck, while I was trying to avoid it. So, he then stood behind me and was hugging me tightly. I was trying to get out of it. I felt awkward with the Pretty Boy seeing us.

The Pretty Boy had a little sunburn after his motorbike trip. He was a tiny bit red on his shoulders.

‘I think this guy needs to remember about a sun lotion next time’ HE said to me.
‘Yhym’ I replied.
‘Should I tell him? I think I should’ This is kind of a silly, drunken humour HE gets into sometimes.
‘NO!’ I shouted ‘Don’t talk to him’
HE looked at me like I was a crazy person, shrugged his shoulders and continued to caress my neck.

I need to remember that wherever I go with HIM there is a great chance I will bump into a guy, who I used to date, or who is hoping to date me. Chiang Mai is very small…