Have you ever had a situation when you dated someone for a while and you knew it was not going to work out, but you kept dating that person, because they were nice and were treating you right, and then one day it hit you that it was time to break up?

I was definitely in that place a few days ago.

I had been dating the Pretty Boy for 2 months. Deep inside I knew it wasn’t a guy for me, but he was nice and he liked me, and the sex was great, so I forced myself to see him. I actually preferred to spend weekends with Sis and my friends rather than him, and that itself should have given me a reason to finish it off, but I didn’t.

One day I was having a dinner with him and we were talking about films and TV series we liked.

‘Have you seen Breaking Bad?’ I asked.
‘Yeah’ he said ‘I thought it was boring…’
My hand that was holding the fork and travelling to my mouth stopped in the mid-air.
‘Uhmmm…Why?’ I asked.
‘It was so slow’ he said rolling his eyes ‘So boring’.
‘Yhym’ that was the only thing I could think of saying.

It hit me then that we didn’t have much in common. It wasn’t about the fact that he didn’t like Breaking Bad, and instead he watched ‘House of Cards’, which I thought was boring. It was not about that, altough the moment I realised it it made me realise something else. It was more about the fact that I just didn’t understand his point of view on life, and his sense of humour. I finally admitted to myself that he annoyed me most of the time. Yes, he was a great guy, a decent one (with a big cock haha), but most of the things he said, and how he said them annoyed me to the point that I was on a verge of exploding and telling him how stupid he was.

That night I went home and thought long and hard about the Pretty Boy.

On Friday I had my girl’s night out and we ended up at a local club. He was there, too. He said hello and stood next to me, trying to put his arm around me. I brushed it off, told him to stop, and took my Sis to the dance floor. He got drunk and started asking C. if she knew if I still liked him. He tried to dance with me. Again, I told him to stop.
He went home earlier.
I felt like I was back in the primary school and being a total bitch to a geeky boy, who liked me a lot, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I felt bad….

Finally, after 2 days of trying to contact him, I met him briefly for a quick chat today. He seemed fine with the fact that I didn’t want to date him any more. I blamed my family situation and the fact that HE is coming back to town this week. I told him that I was not in a place to date anyone, but I did want to be friends with him. He said it was ok.

I am glad I did it. AT least I won’t be paranoid when HE comes back and we will hang out in Chiang Mai.

Here are positive outcomes of this story: I managed to break up with a guy telling him face to face what I thought, and not sending a Facebook message, I managed to talk about feelings without being scared, I behaved like a grown up, and not like a teenage girl, I am free to kiss HIM in public without looking behind my back.

The only bad outcome: not having sex with him any more….