On Friday night I went to eat pad thai in a place that serves the best pad thai in town. It is one of those dirty, filthy, stinky places that only locals know of. Usually those kind of establishments have the best food ever. My friends and I have been going there since I can remember. No one has had any stomach troubles, and because the place is always crowded the food is really fresh. At least that what it seemed like…

So, after a nice night out (which I will write about later) we ended up eating there again at 5am. The next day I woke up with the biggest headache I have ever had. I blamed the beer for it and decided to sleep it off. I slept whole day and woke up in the afternoon feeling even worse. I drank some water, and after a few minutes I found out that I can’t even hold the water inside my stomach. I tried to drink, but as soon as it got in, it got out.

After a whole afternoon of running to the toilet I finally felt a little better, so I decided to eat something light. I had a carrot in my fridge, so I ate it. Half an hour later I began to feel sick. All I remember was running to the bathroom and opening the toilet lid….then I woke up on the floor, with vomit streaming out of my mouth and my whole body convulsing. I didn’t know where I was, what was going on and why I couldn’t control my body. I was screaming inside ‘Stop! Stop!’ My head was banging against the wall.

After a couple of minutes I managed to control myself and dragged myself to bed. I was shocked, my head was hurting.
I messaged my sister straight away. Thank god for good friends and family! She brought me some soup, bananas and Coke (the best cure for stomach problems). She stayed with me until I felt a little better.

It was so scary. It was the first time I fainted. I was lucky I fell on my side, not on my back, as I would have definitely choke on my own vomit. I was also lucky I didn’t hurt my head.

yesterday I felt a little better, but I was still weak and even now, two days later, I feel like I just need to stay in bed.
I think it’s time to look for a new pad thai place.