I went on a date yesterday with the Pretty Boy. It took him half a day to decide where he wanted to go. I made him decide because I just didn’t care. All I cared about was getting laid, to be honest.

Anyway, we went for a nice Burmese meal in a little place near my building, and spent almost two hours talking. Conversation with him is easy, but at times he annoys me. I hold myself back to show how much I am irritated. He also has a strong, French accent, which makes it more difficult for me to understand him. He has a vast knowledge about physics and philosophy, which makes the conversation interesting, but because of the accent I just sometimes smile and nod, because I really don’t get what he talks about sometimes. I wonder if he thinks I am stupid.

After the meal we went to mine to watch a movie. Well, I didn’t have a movie in mind, but that was one way of lurking him in to my place. He is not really a person that talks dirty, or openly about his sexual needs. I find it difficult to tell him when I want to have sex. He is a true gentleman, and I think he’s just not the kind of person, who would use me for sex, which is a good thing…and a bad, too. Finally, after those two last years, after my divorce, I discovered that I am a sexual person, and I do like talking about sex with my partners, and I do want a LOT of sex. If I have someone nice to have a regular sex with, I can do it 24/7. I also want to do crazy things, like having sex in public places.

But, with the Pretty Boy I feel like I need to use excuses to have sex with him. Like the time I offered I was going to visit him, but really I wanted a good sex session, and I spent an hour talking with him about everything and nothing, while watching a tiny drip of sweat rolling down his shirtless, perfect body, and thinking about his cock. I could simply not focus on anything he was saying. Finally, after an hour, when he was dressing to go out with me, I kissed him and dragged him to bed.

But, back to yesterday.

I chose to watch ‘Shame’, which is a movie about a guy addicted to sex, and the film, as you can imagine, has some nice sex scenes.
After about 10 minutes into the movie, we started making out, undressing, touching each other…He went down on me, and I’m telling you – I’ve had quite a few lovers, but I have never had anyone like this before. Pretty Boy is special. He does something with his lips that sends me to the moon.
After I returned the favour we watched the movie until the end, and after we had sex. I really don’t know why he is so different from other guys I’ve had as he doesn’t really do anything out of unusual, but sex with this guy is cosmic. The only thing that is sometimes missing is the roughness, but I think he is beginning to learn what I like and incorporating this.

Today I can’t stop thinking about last night. The conversation might not be that great and I would need time to get to know him better to actually like him, but the sex…oh the SEX!!! The more I have it the more I want it. I am almost ready to go and see him after work, and have his beautiful body.

I feel almost sad when I think that I might have to break it off when HE comes back in 2 weeks.