I don’t use OKC any more. I still have it on my phone, but I don’t really go on there. However, sometimes I get messages from men. I usually don’t reply. Most of the time they are too young, too old, or are travellers, who are looking for a hook up.
Once in a while I get a message that I just need to reply to. Like the one from a guy, who had enormous muscles and all of his profile photos were selfies, taken in a gym. Let me just add that he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt in any of them. He sent me a message that said ‘Hi’. That was it. It made me laugh and kind of…I don’t know…angry? annoyed? What was he thinking? He thought he had muscles and he was going to send a message that only said ‘hi’ and I would be in the 7th heaven that someone like THAT thought of contacting me. I don’t like men that are full of themsleves, and I don’t like muscles either. So, I replied saying ‘Yeah, you’ve just blown my mind’. He didn’t reply for a few days and finally said ‘Thanks for the heads up’, which didn’t make sense at all. I left it at that.

Another message I received was yesterday. Mr. Msex said: ‘ i am italian and i am 26! ehm! what to say! well, i am pansexual too, but in this period i am looking for a female friend to be…………………..pegged with strapon or dommed or whatever, be the toy of a girl! if this could interest you you know who i am! i am in pai and i travel often to chiang mai! bye bye!’
I was perplexed. I mean…what did he mean by saying he was ‘pansexual, TOO’. WTF? I have never stated anything about my sexuality on there, except saying I was hetero. The whole message annoyed me. I really do NOT like when men are so straight forward. I understand that someone is looking for a hook up, but I do prefer a very casual chat first. I never say anything sexual to a person, whom I haven’t met in my life.
I was not going to reply, but I was drunk and sent him this: ‘You are 26… Toy of a girl… Man are you for real? I have no idea what makes u guys think i want to be dominated.’
He then said he had written it wrong and he wanted to be dominated. I just said ‘No way! Sorry!’

Am I too rude?