I met a Canadian Hipster. What a nice guy, and handsome, too! We had a little chat. He then disappeared into the night, but found me on OKC the next day (Chiang Mai is so small). We exchanged a couple of messages. He asked me what I was doing in the evening, I said I was busy (I wasn’t really, but didn’t want to go out with him). I haven’t heard from him since and I think he is leaving tomorrow anyway.

I met the Pretty Boy in a bar. He makes those puppy eyes I bloody hate. His mate, a very nice Indian guy, was hitting on me and then he must have talked to the Pretty Boy and let it go. He then asked me ‘how is your boyfriend?’ and pointed at the Pretty Boy. I was like ‘Whaaat?’ Didn’t have a chance to talk to the Pretty Boy about it then. If he thinks we are a couple, he is out of his mind! I am telling you, stay away from the French guys if you want to have a casual relationship.
Sister and I were going to move to another bar with them, but then decided otherwise and went home.

Anon, a very nice Thai boy, asked for my number and called me the next day. I couldn’t talk with him as I was at a flower parade with my friend. He said he would call again, but he didn’t. I am not sure if I actually want to keep this up and contact him first.


We met Sister’s Hook Up Boyfriend, who is half Thai and has lots of Thai friends. They are so nice (western guys should learn from Thais, seriously).
I met a French guy (another one, I know!) – quite good looking, but there was something off about him. He asked for my Facebook, I said I would give it to him, but I won’t go out with him as I am not interested in men at the moment. He was surprised and pushed for it. I said I would think about it.
I went to the bar and when I came back it was obvious that the French dude and my sister were talking about me. I didn’t ask about it and gave the guy my Facebook. Only after he left Sister said that he had said something like ‘Your sister is very beautiful, but there must be something wrong with her. She should have children and a husband. She is not happy’. I automatically defriended the guy.

Sister’s Hook Up Boyfriend’s friend – Bo likes me a lot and he was all over me on Saturday. I like him, too. He is a little chubby, but so nice, polite and funny. He is like a cuddly toy. However, he is 22 and, despite my taste in younger men, he is too young for me. Shame!