Reason number 1

Sister and I are standing outside of a night club, talking. After completely ignoring another guy and his lame attempts to chat us up I start laughing. ‘We are very rude tonight’ I say to her. ‘Well, I came here to drink beer and look at handsome men. I don’t give a fuck what other people have to say’.
I agree with her.

Reason number 2

I am watching a very cute Thai boy. ‘You know?’ I say to my sister ‘Men are like a piece of art. You look at him and you think ‘hmm he’s a handsome dude’, but you don’t really want to take him home, cause he won’t go with your carpet, or your life style for that matter.’

Reason number 3

‘I would like to have a boyfriend one day, I think’ says Sister. ‘I don’t for now’ I say ‘and you know why? Because I don’t want to shave my legs every day, I don’t want to clean my flat when he comes over, I don’t want to compromise my free time. I want to come back from work, lay down, stuff my face with food, put the TV on and watch a film. And I want it to be a film I have seen before, like….. ‘Marley and Me’, because I fucking love ‘Marley and Me’ and I don’t want some fucking guy to tell me it’s a lame movie, and if I want to watch fucking ‘Marley and me’, or a ‘Toothfairy’ I will watch it. PERIOD.’