‘Divorced and Single, you need to write about those stories’ said C. wiping tears off her cheeks. We were sitting in a local restaurant, having dinner and I was telling her and 3 other girls about my dating adventures. They were crying of laughter. Little do they know that I already write about this.

They were trying to get me to date more guys from OKC, so I can have more stories. I thought it wasn’t such a bad idea, but I seriously don’t have strength for this. Maybe if I didn’t work and didn’t have a rich social life, I could do it. I could go on a date with that huge, muscely guy, who only has half naked selfies, taken in a gym, and who sent me a message that only said ‘cute’ (I had to reply to this and said ‘Yeah, that just swept me off my feet’ to which he replied ‘Thanks for the heads up’, which didn’t make sense at all. I was tempted to continue this conversation for my amusement, but ditched the idea at the end), or with one of those countless guys, who say things like ‘Hi beautiful, wanna hook up?’But at the moment, I am focussing on myself a little and enjoying my life as it is. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have men in my life, but they are mostly crushes I have and I am almost sure that nothing is going to happen. Oh, maybe except this half Thai – half American guy, that owns a restaurant in my area. He has the most sexy voice on the planet, and I am planning to ask him out.

So, at the moment I spend my evenings reading. I am reading Brene Brown and Byron Katie’s amazing books. I also finished ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, which left me feeling very positive about life.
I watch movies and some documentaries – watch ‘Children Underground’. It is shocking!
I run a couple of times a week, and then spend my weekends doing crazy things.
I know I said that before, but life is good!