One of the things I enjoy about being single (and I have just actually discovered that enjoyment) is that I can do whatever I want. I love that. I look at men like they sometimes look at us – screening them from head to toes, I talk about their asses and penises with my girlfriends, I drink, I go out and I have fun, and when the time is right I have sex and snog people. Life is awesome!

The French guy came back on Friday. We met for drinks. I had forgotten how pretty he was (I will call him the Pretty Boy from now on). Maybe he’s too pretty for my taste. We went out with C. and Sister. He was tired from travelling, but said he wanted to stay until I decided to go home. It’s not easy to get me to leave a party and go to bed. I usually stay until 5 or 6, but he was stubborn and stayed with us. I didn’t care much. I think he’s a sweet guy, but I just don’t feel any connection between us.

So, we went home at around 5 and had sex until around 7. The sex with him is incredible. I don’t feel any mental connection, I am not that attracted to him, but once we are in bed it is so great I don’t want it to stop.

He left yesterday morning for a meditation retreat. We will see each other when he’s back.

Yesterday, at another party (yes, my weekends are crazy), I noticed a guy with the most beautiful face. He looked really young and was pretty short, but his face was just gorgeous. He came to talk to me. It turned out he was Brazilian. He spoke with a broken English and had the most ridiculous sense of humour.
He was on a mission of finding Sister a Thai boyfriend, and was going around the bar asking any guy that looked Asian all sorts of questions.
He made me laugh.
I did like his face, but thought he was a little too short for me. After a little dancing and talking he kissed me. I always thought that snogging on a dance floor is for 15 year olds, but this time I thought ‘what the hell. I want to have some fun’.
Brazilian boy was all over me the whole night. At first, it was flattering and nice,but then it just became annoying. I left the party alone and was happy to wake up this morning without a man by my side.

In the afternoon the Brazilian boy sent me a message asking if I wanted to meet before he left. At that point I realised that I had forgotten that we exchanged Facebook details, and made a promise to myself to be more careful with giving it out to people.
I declined his offer. He said it was ok.
After a bit Sister messaged me: ‘Your Brazilian is heart broken. He just confessed to me how much he likes you and that he will never forget you’.
Oh gosh, I only snogged the guy and talked to him a bit, had some fun and he is being so dramatic!

‘I want to have sex with you’ he sent me another message.
‘That’s nice, but I don’t like one night stands’ I replied. ‘
‘I can stay for another couple of days…’ he said.
Oh no, no, no!
I think I managed to convince him to leave. That would probably be another guy, who would knock on my door at 4 am.
Bless his broken, Latino heart though.