Mr R. visited me yesterday evening, just like he promised. Before he came over I took a shower, shaved my legs…because…you never know….

We went out for a dinner and a couple of drinks. We chatted about our travels and about life in general. He then came back to my place to pick up some stuff he had left previously.

He asked me if after he comes back from his month trip to Philippines if he could stay with me. I said yes, but asked him if he was sure that it was a good idea. He laughed and said that he thought it would be just fine.

‘Don’t disappear anywhere’ he said, putting his shoes on ‘and message me from time to time.’

And then he left….leaving me wanting sex even more….

I was banging my head against the pillow. What the fuck is wrong with the world? Why can’t I get what I want???

The best thing for these kind of situations is masturbation. So, that’s what I did and now I feel in control again.