I have been messaging with this Israeli guy on OKC. He seems nice enough and looks pretty handsome. Yesterday I was feeling pretty brave and agreed to meet him today.
As I am sitting at my desk, at work I am beginning to think that I should avoid this date…again. I am getting annoyed with myself. It is nothing to do with me not being ready to day. I am ready and I do want to meet someone, but I am just panicking when I think that I need to talk to a stranger, or maybe not panicking…I don’t know how to call it. I just feel like rolling my eyes and dropping my hands and saying ‘fuck it. I can’t be bothered’. I know that it would be good for me to make a new friend, even if there’s no chemistry between me and the Israeli, but I can’t just make the effort.

We haven’t agreed the time nor the place. Maybe I will just ignore his messages when he contacts me and tell him later I didn’t have the internet – which is a trustworthy excuse when you live in Thailand.

What do you think? Should I make the effort and go?