When Marco was leaving yesterday morning we didn’t exchange any details. He didn’t seem to want to, I was indifferent. I was glad he was out of my flat.
I spent the whole day curing my cold, which was getting worse and worse. In the evening it was so bad I went to bed at 6pm.
I slept a couple of hours, but my own sneezing woke me up and I was lying in bed until 3:30am when finally I felt that I was close to falling asleep.
Suddenly, there was knocking on the door. It scared the shit out of me. I was considering not checking who it was at all, but finally I went to the door to see. It was Marco. I stood siletly at the closed door, considering what to do, but the guy was knocking again and I didn’t want him to woke the neighbours up. I opened the door.
I asked him what he was doing and he said his friend had taken a girl to their room and he had no where to stay. I was half asleep and after showing him how pissed off I was, I let him in.

He fell asleep and started snoring really loudly. I was lying there, thinking ‘what the hell am I doing? The guy left this morning without even asking for my telephone number and now he thinks my room is a hotel! What the hell?’ I got so angry at myself for letting him in and at him for being a prick that I shook him violently to wake him up.
‘Get the hell out of here’ I said to his stunned face. He asked me why and I told him I just didn’t want him there. He apologized hundred times, dressed and left. I told him not to come over again.

The story makes me laugh, but also makes me angry at the guys stupidity. I wonder if he would do the same in the States. I bet he wouldn’t. Someone would shoot him, or call police at least.

If he shows up again I will wake up my big Australian neighbour and will watch Marco being dragged out of the building with a smile on my face.

I am starting to see why my sister says that all the guys in this world are f** up in their heads.