I had the craziest week ever last week.

At the beginning of it I got some rest, which was really nice. I slept for 12 hours each day, got a massage and followed a strict beauty regime, but then we started partying.

We danced to Polish music at the local club here. After everyone left we just had our own private party. It was a day before my sister’s birthday, so we got her flowers and a cake and asked the band in one of the bars to sing happy birthday for her. Then, after the band left, my friend and I got on stage and pretended we were rock stars. There are a lot of embarrassing videos of that.

I spent New Year’s Eve with close friends. One of them had come to Chiang Mai from Poland and it was a great occasion for us all to celebrate. NYE finished at 6 am.Then we had a day off and started again on Friday.

Mr R, a very close friend of ours, had met a half Burmese half American guy and introduced us all to him. Being already drunk we were all stunned by that guy’s good looks. We took him to a bar with us, sat him in the middle and were talking about him like he wasn’t even there. ‘Look at his face’ I said to Cel ‘he looks like a Buddha’. ‘Oh my god. He’s the most handsome guy on the planet’ sighed Caro. Mr R was sitting there, disappointed that he wasn’t the centre of our attention any more. Burmese guy was in seven heaven.
When it was time to leave he grabbed Sister’s hand and said with a confidence that she was coming with him to his place. Sister is not that kind of girl, so she politely declined. He was very disappointed.

Yesterday we met the Burmese at the local club. Sister and I were standing at the side, observing people when suddenly the Burmese guy showed up. This time he didn’t even look at my sister. He asked me to dance, so I went to the dance floor with him. Out of nowehere he kissed me. ‘Oh I thought you liked my sister’ I said. ‘Well, I like you too’ he replied ‘and I don’t think your sister likes me’. I thought it was a dick thing to say but I kept dancing. ‘I want to take you home’ he whispered in my ear after 2 minutes. I rolled my eyes. ‘Who do you think you are?’ I thought to myself. I really didn’t like him then. We both knew that it was going to end up in bed, but in situations like that I need some attention, I need to see that the guy is trying to impress me. He took me dancing and kissed me and he thought that was enough. ‘It’s not going to happen’ I said laughing and told him I was going to find my sister. ‘Ok’ he said with a disappointment ‘Let’s find her’. So, I left the dance floor, thinking that he was following me, turned around and he was gone. That was the last time I saw him. What a dick! I always say that if a guy is so handsome there always needs to be something wrong with him.

I found Sister, danced with her and we were having a blast. Suddenly another guy showed up next to me and started chatting me up. His name was Marco. We had a drink and after Cel showed up at around 1 am we all went to our local bar. Marco was lovely, really nice guy. We played pool and had some drinks. He then asked me if he could come over to my place. At first I was like ‘yey! sex! finally!’ and then thought about my dirty, messy flat. Since before Christmas I hadn’t had a chance to tidy it up and it really looked gross. So, I told him that I would like to, but my flat looked horrible. He said he didn’t care. But I still was ashamed. At 5:30 am I put Marco in a tuk tuk (a local taxi), told him to go to a certain street and said I would pick him up from there. I took my sister on a scooter, dropped her off, drove to my place, cleaned the flat and went to pick up Marco. Phew! But, the story ends here, the guy almost didn’t touch me. We messed around a little, but that was it. I didn’t take the initiative because I am like that and he obviously is similar. So, no sex for me ladies and gentlemen.

I woke up this morning, looked at him, got pretty annoyed that he was still sleeping and had no intention to leave and then politely kicked him out. He didn’t leave his number but told me his hostel name. It turns out he stays two streets away from me. I do hope I won’t bump into him. I have no interest in keeping this ‘relationship’ going.

Oh, I didn’t mention. Mr R and I have a thing going on. He is also Polish and is here temporarily. I met him back in April, he went away for a few months to Indonesia and now is here, sorting out a few things. He will drive his motorbike to Poland from Chiang Mai. Mr R is the most lovely person, he is so likeable that all you want is to give him hugs all the time. There was never anything between us and I always liked him as a friend. I think he was hitting on me when we met, but I showed him I was not interested. During the night when we met the Burmese guy he clearly was trying to show me how much he cared for me. He stayed over for a night at mine because he lives far and didn’t want to drive. Nothing happened, but for the first time he held me while we were sleeping. So sweet.
At the moment he stays with a girl that he hooked up with and their relationship is a strange one. He has enough decency to not to make a move on me while he has a thing with the other girl.I don’t really care. I love the tension between us and would like to sleep with him, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship and he knows that, so it will all stay platonic…I think.

So that’s my crazy week. And the good news is that HE is coming back in April. He bought tickets today. I don’t know if we’re going to go back to what we had and if he wants that. I am a bit worried about him not wanting that. I don’t know if I can be friends with him. Also, because of the visa regulation he might not be able to stay here long term, in a best case scenario he will stay 6 months, and I will have long holiday then so I might be out of town for 2 months, which makes me think if this whole thing is even worth spending my energy on. I really would like this to work out, but it seems it will be difficult.

And now – back to my beauty regime and sleeping. Good night!