My OKCupid account has been going crazy lately. Since yesterday I received messages from a couple of guys and I do really have some dating perspectives there, but it depends if I really do want to go on a date.

I promised this 40 year old guy I would go out with him this week. He messaged me again asking if I was still up for it. I ignored him.

I was messaging with a guy, who works for Google, yesterday and a little today. He seems really keen on meeting me, but he doesn’t have any close up photos, which makes me think he’s a little creepy (don’t know why). He then asked me if I wanted to chat on whatsapp. After that I ignored him, too.

A cute Ukrainian guy messaged me yesterday. He lives in Pai currently, which is 3 hours away from here. He seems nice, maybe a little ‘all over the place’, but interesting and cute. And he lives 3 hours away, so there won’t be any risk of him pushing for a date any time soon.

I also found a guy there, who is a singer at a bar I go to. I message him and he replied. He is really cute and has an amazing voice. I wonder if we’re going to keep up with the conversation.

One of a few Thai guys contacted me a while ago. He also plays in a band. He insists on meeting me, but I am not that keen really.

And there’s of course the Unicorn, which is my favourite so far and I am looking forward to meeting him.

I guess my life would be a bit more interesting and I would have something to write about, if I went out with at least one of those guys, but I am just so so lazy!