Christmas came and went. I missed my family a lot this year, but tried to put on a brave face. I called my parents every day during the holiday and that helped me a little to ease the nostalgia.

Yesterday we celebrated my Sis’s birthday. There was a cake and candles and the band sang a happy birthday song. She was surprisingly happy about it.

After the dinner and the cake we went out to a club. I bumped into the School Crush and his friend, who turned out is very much in love with me. Again, note that he’s met me twice  and we didn’t talk that much. After a polite greeting I avoided him and after an hour he left.

I had a blast with my sister and some friends. There were so many good looking guys there and some were chatting me up. Normally, I am flirty and like the attention. I also check out guys all the time, but for some reason, recently I am not that interested in sustaining the conversation. Yesterday I talked and danced with a  few guys, but after the usual ‘what’s your name’ and ‘where are you from’ questions, I turned around and continued dancing with my friends. Screw those guys, I say.

I met an old friend too last night. A few months ago I had met this guy (Matt) at one of the bars here and we chatted for a while. He desperately tried to get me to come to his place and I was having none of it. You need to invite me at least for a coffee first, mate! After he found himself a girlfriend and announced it on Facebook I deleted him from my friends and forgot about him.

He was very happy when he met me yesterday. We chatted a little and then I excused myself and ran to my friends. He was standing behind me awkwardly for a little while and then disappeared. At around 2 o’clock he sent me a line message asking where I was at, but I replied much later. We have been flirting over the messages a little since then until he reviled that he still had a girlfriend. I am not really disappointed at all and I don’t give much about him, or his girlfriend. It is his problem if he is a cheater. I was not even considering dating him (even though he is a cutie), but I do want to get laid again…it’s been a while…

I have been receiving a fair amount of messages on OKCupid. I only reply to them if I’m bored and have nothing to do (which is not that often) and when it comes to set up an actual date, I stop communicating. I am either too busy, too tired, or too lazy to go out with a stranger. The only one that I have some kind of hopes for is the Unicorn. I have been messaging him for a couple of weeks now. Our messages are long and detailed and he seems like an interesting person and he doesn’t try to be flirty with me, which I find refreshing. He is still in the States now and coming to Chiang Mai soon. I do want to meet up with him. By the way, he is from Oklahoma. I have a strange feeling that there is some kind of a stereotype about people from there, but I couldn’t find out much from my friends here. What do you know about them?