My mum emailed me today saying that I immediately needed to contact the Polish embassy and ask them to produce a document that would allow my mum and her lawyer to represent me.

I had no idea what it was about.

I called her straight away and asked for clarification.

I don’t even know where to start with this….

My mum owns a pretty big flat, that she rents out to tourists during the summer. The flat is in her name. The house both of my parents live in is in their, joint name.

It turned out today that my dad has bigger debts than we had thought before. He owns almost 100,000 zlotych to different people and the bank. Bayleaves sent a letter to my mum saying that she and my dad own 35,000 zlotych. My mum had no recollection of taking such an amount of money. There was a document attached to the letter, that had all the details. The date was 2007 and it was signed by my mum. She is convinced that she did not sign it and that dad signed for her, which is an obvious fraud. If the signature is not hers then my dad might go to prison.

That’s not over yet…

Because of that debt and that her signature is on it, she might lose the flat she owns. She got an advice from a lawyer and they told her that she could change the name of the ownership to my name. In this way they won’t take it. She won’t be at risk of losing something she worked so hard for, and I won’t be at risk either.

In order to change the ownership, I would need to be present. Obviously, it is really hard for me to go there, so the only other way is to send her that document she wanted me to get from the consulate. That document will allow her to change everything without me being there.

Of course, it is not as easy as it seems. It turned out I can’t get it in Thailand because it needs to be written by a notary and they do not exist in this country.

I was told to send an email to the consul and see if there’s another way of solving it.

I also wrote to my mum’s lawyer asking for details and information. My mum is a very emotional person and sometimes she exaggerates things, so I prefer to get an opinion of someone, who is objective in this whole situation.

I want to go to Poland and hit my dad in the face!