During the weekend I couldn’t help but make a mental list of the qualities my future partner should posses. I did that mostly for this blog, but also for myself. It is important to know these things, right?

So here are they are:

1. He doesn’t need to be handsome, but he needs to have hair and have nice shoes and I need to be attracted to him.

2. He needs to be intelligent, so we can have long, meaningful conversations.

3. He needs to be knowledgeable and know things I have no idea about, so I can learn from him.

4. He needs to like to read and watch movies.

5. He needs to have a great sense of humour and know how to make me laugh.

6. He doesn’t need to be reach, but he needs to have enough money, so we can go to a cinema, or for a dinner once in a while and he can pay for himself.

7. He needs to LOVE travelling and not be afraid to go on  12 hours bus journeys.

8. He can’t be jealous all the time, just once in a while, so our relationship is not boring.

9. He needs to be sexually adventurous and be willing to try out stuff, or have a good experience, so he can teach me some new things.

10. and FINALLY (and I know how weird this will sound) I would love him to have my sister’s personality (except the introvert part). I have been thinking about it and my sister is the only person at the moment I can spend 24 hours with and not be bored. She is funny, intelligent, sensitive and tough at the same time. I wish I could find a male version of her, who will want to stay with me long term. I am just worried that him and Sister will hate each other…