My sister finally came back! We had a great weekend together. Despite the fact that she was getting ill, my sister was brave and went out with me a couple of times. It is really cool to have her back. No one understands me more than her, and no one parties as hard as both of us combined together.

On Thursday we went to a music festival and on Saturday we went out with some friends – a great night of talking and enjoying our company.

I met a nice Scottish guy on Saturday. I have his contact details and promised him I would go out with him on Wednesday, but at the moment I am thinking that I don’t need to fill my time with dating, as I have enough things to do and to occupy myself.

I have found a new friend too. C. is much older than me, but she’s a free spirit and a wonderful person, and because she’s into art and writing, we have a lot of things to talk about.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my sis and C in the next couple of months.