Two of my friends recommended me to watch Byron’s Katie videos. I tried to do that a couple of weeks ago and didn’t actually like it very much. I started with an interview Ophrah did with her and couldn’t understand much of what they talked about.

Then, yesterday I tried again, and again I started with a long interview done by one of bloggers, and again didn’t understand much. But, I decided not to get too discouraged, so I watched other videos. There are a lot of short ones from Byron’s (I still don’t know if that’s her first name) meetings with live audience. Every single one is special and moving. People come to her with problems we all face: they are unhappy, they want more, they want divorce, they want their partners, mothers, fathers to be more understanding. And Byron approaches them with a great deal of compassion and wisdom. I cried a little when I watched the videos. They opened my eyes to things that are obvious and helped me to understand other people around me. I am now planning to read her books.

I strongly recommend you watch the videos. It won’t be a waste of time.

Here are a couple that moved me.