A few things have happened recently and I was wondering what to write about first, and decided that Fresh Meat should take priority.

I haven’t seen him since Sunday. I tried to communicate with him through Line messages and keep the contact, but he is either really flaky with communicating like that, or he does not care much.

From my experience I learned that if a guy doesn’t try to keep in touch then he doesn’t treat you seriously. M always says that I shouldn’t worry about trying to contact a guy, but I just prefer him to chase me, not another way round. I need a lot of attention, and a lot of love, which Fresh Meat is not giving me at the moment.

I know that I only have been on two dates with him and it doesn’t mean much, but I do want him to show me that he is interested.

I also realise he is very young and might not know how to behave, but common sense should tell him not to treat me as his ‘weekend girl’ right?

During the recent times I also learned that there’s no point in analyzing it and pushing a guy into anything, so I am leaving it for now. I am meeting him today and we are all going camping tomorrow and I want to see how the things will play out. If he is not into me that much, then fuck it! I wouldn’t marry the guy anyway.