Fresh Meat and I went to look for the cat shelter. As it happens often in Thailand the directions on the website were rubbish and we ended up getting lost. It could be worse though. We could have got lost in an industrial England, or somewhere really unpleasant, but instead we were in a Thai countryside and it actually didn’t matter that we didn’t find the cat shelter. We were surrounded by rice fields, mountains and little villages, where people welcomed us with smiles. We drove for over an hour there and finally gave up, and decided to go to a nearby lake.

We spent a whole day there, sitting in one of the floating huts and talking. Luckily he talks a lot, so I don’t need to come up with subjects for conversation. We left when it was already dark.

I really do like spending time with him. He’s a normal, sweet guy. Β On top of that it seems that Fresh Meat is genuine and doesn’t play games. He tells me how he feels and doesn’t hide anything. I like that. And I also fancy him in a sexual way. I do fantasise about us having sex. Can’t wait till that happens.