It’s been a week since I sent HIM my message saying how I felt about HIM and still haven’t got a reply. I actually expected it. They guy is emotionally immature and always had problems with talking about feelings.

I am stubborn. Whenever I hold a grunge against someone, I will not talk to them until that person talks to me first. In this case a part of me doesn’t want to talk to the guy ever again and my pride doesn’t allow me to contact him. However, another part of me wants to send him a message…a not very nice one, saying what a dick he is.

The fact that he hasn’t replied doesn’t make me sad, or even disappointed. It makes me angry and annoyed. How can you be such a twat, how can you not have manners???!!

I want to move on. I feel like I want to date men again, but I need to close this chapter somehow first.