One of the bars, here in CM, was organising a Halloween party. I am not a very big fan of the day, but thought that it would be interesting to go and check it out.

I met my good, old, School Crush there. We talked, but I was just not in the mood to hang out with him. He introduced me to his Thai friend, Popeye (nickname, not a real name) – a very sweet guy, really chatty. The guy was obviously interested in me, but considering my latest attitude towards men it came to no surprise that I just ran away from him after a few a while. Popeye however didn’t give up and followed me wherever I went.

I was sitting with a friend at a table when he came up to me and said he was leaving. ‘Ok’ I shrugged my shoulders ‘see you later maybe’…and in that moment he started crying. I mean like…really crying. His face twisted, there were real tears. He was mumbling something about me being beautiful and that he might never see me again.

I hugged him and (which I regretted later) gave him my telephone number, just to calm him down.

The next day he was calling me all the time. First, to apologize for last night and then to just chat. I have a phone-phobia and hate talking on the phone, so I was trying to cut him short. He was having none of it. Also, I was never interested in the guy anyway, but as always I was too much of a coward to say anything.

Later that night I was hanging out with M and her BF when Popeye called. I asked M’s BF to pick it up. I thought that if the guy hears another man’s voice it will just put him off.

‘Divorced and Single? oh, well…she’s here, but she’s in the shower, washing cum off her legs after the amazing sex we had’ M’s BF said to Popeye. Fortunately, he didn’t understand and finally hang up. He did try to call me the next day and I finally told him I was not interested. Thai boys can be really stubborn sometimes.