Remember Fresh Meat? Thanks to M and her BF we have been hanging out quite a lot. M is still trying her best at being a matchmaker.

We went out for dinner together. It was a nice evening, which ended in one of the bars. Fresh Meat was nice to me in a friendly way, but nothing came out of it, even though I really liked to snog him.

The next day M and I went for a coffee.

‘Don’t you think Fresh Meat is nice? she asked.

‘Yeah, he’s cute’ I said and I wanted to that I really don’t want her to be a matchmaker any more. I had thought about it that morning and decided that Fresh doesn’t like me in any other way than as a friend, and that I am not going to hit on him. At the same time she looked at me and she smiled in that way that only M can – that she knows something, but she doesn’t want to say.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘He liiikes you’ she said still smiling.

‘Really?’ I was surprised ‘I thought he was just friendly and nothing more. Did he say something to you?’

‘Maybe….I can’t tell you though. He’s my friend. I can’t tell you more…’

Now, she had my attention and I just needed to know. After a couple of minutes she finally told me.

‘You know, when we were at that bar and then you left to the toilet he said that he thought he was falling in love with you’

I was more than surprised…I still don’t know what to do with this information.