I made a decision, I won’t tell him about my feelings. I know that all you lovely people advised me to open up, but I think that if I tell him I will destroy everything that there is between us…If there’s anything left, I mean.

Around 2 weeks ago I didn’t hear from him for 2 days. Some of you might think that 2 days is nothing, but it is in this case. He always messaged me, at any time. I would get up and there would be a message from him, he would be shopping and would send me a message, or driving, or eating…Every time when he went out with friends he would send me a message. And suddenly there were 2 days with no messages. I wondered what happened and finally he contacted me saying he was out with friends. Since then the messages became less frequent and suddenly it died.

So, I gave him some time. I knew he got a job for a few days and he was probably very busy, but then 2 weeks past and I haven’t heard anything.

This is not only only about him not contacting me, but he is also simply ignoring me. A few days ago I sent him a link to a video I thought he would find funny. He hasn’t even opened the message. I thought he was busy and doesn’t have time to watch stupid videos so I let that one go. Yesterday, I sent him another message asking how he was. He hasn’t read this one yet either and I know he has been online.

I am disappointed and annoyed, very annoyed in fact. There’s nothing you can do to piss me off more than to not read my messages and not replying to them.

I understand that he is busy, I would come to terms with a fact that he fell in love, I would understand that he just wants some space….but freakin’ hell! Just tell me!! Don’t hide, pretending that you are not there. How much time does it take to say ‘I am very busy, I will talk to you when I have 2 minutes’ or ‘I met someone and I really prefer not to message you’??

When I get annoyed with people I stop talking to them and I am very stubborn. I cross them out of my life completely, unless they come to me first. Until now I don’t talk to a friend of mine, who annoyed me 10 years ago. I don’t remember what it was about, but I won’t make the first move. No way Jose!

I know this might seem childlish and stupid, and completely opposite to what the Buddhist philosophy, which I admire and try to follow, tells me, but I can’t just let this one go. Just can’t!

So, I decided to give him a couple of days. If he doesn’t message me, I will contact him, saying he’s a dick and i don’t want to talk to him ever again, and then I will block him on all the social media I have. This love story will be OVER.