My bestie M and her boyfriend are trying to hook me up with their friend. They call him Fresh Meat, which I thought was funny and that they call him that because he is new in town and I’ve just met him. So, Fresh Meat is cute, funny and really nice, sort of a decent guy. I don’t really have an intention on hooking up with him, even though M and her boyfriend are almost literally pushing us to do so. But, this is another subject.

Yesterday we were sitting in a bar, having a nice chat when someone said something about some political issues that happened in 1989.

‘I wouldn’t know that cause I wasn’t even born then’ said Fresh Meat.

‘When were you born?’ I asked.


At that moment I almost fell off my chair. 1991??? I was 10 years old then!! I knew he was young, but didn’t realise he was THAT young! For some reason, that made him even more attractive. I have a thing for young boys, what can I say…