I was walking to the nearby shopping centre this morning and it struck me yet again, how wonderful this city is. It was pretty early in the morning, and Chiang Mai was waking up slowly (everything in Thailand happens in a slow motion). It was beginning to get warmer (the rainy season is finished, now the nights are cold and the days are cooler than normal, which gives you an impression that you are somewhere in Europe during the summer), the sun was still weak and the nearby mountains were covered in mist. Shop owners were sweeping floors outside of their businesses, coffee and cha yen (a Thai version of iced tea) were sold to the people going to work on their scooters. And everything seemed so…right…

In some ways the Thai streets remind me of those in Poland. There is architectural chaos, with out of place billboards and wires hanging from the electric poles, there is dirt and dust, and on top of that a chaotic traffic. But despite of all that, I love looking at Thai streets. I really do. Polish ones always disgusted me with their lack of architectural planning and mess, but these here…well, these here are perfect.

I love the wandering monks, the tuk tuks, the street stalls, where you can buy an octopus on a stick, the markets, where I do my weekly shopping and where the overwhelming stench of raw meat hits you as soon as you walk into it. I love the bars, the cheap prices, the ever smiling locals.

This is the first time in my life when I feel such a love for a place and its people, the first time when I decided not to go anywhere on my holiday and spend the whole 7 days of my freedom in a town where I live. Sometimes, I look into the job adverts for teaching positions and think ‘Oh, teaching in Mongolia or Kazahstan would be so cool’, but then I really do not want to move from Chiang Mai. I feel that (at least for now) I have found my place on earth.

And I know that I am not at home. I realise that people I have met and I will meet will leave one day. I know that being so far from home sometimes makes me feel either guilty, or lonely, but I think during those moments, deep inside of me, I know that I will stay here for awhile.


1. I bought a new scooter, shiny, black and almost brand new. I am so excited that I don’t think I will ever walk anywhere again.

2. My sister had a job offer from the organisation she volunteers at. So, she is going back to Poland in a few days for a month, and then coming back to Chiang Mai to stay for another 6 months. I couldn’t be more happy.

3. I haven’t told HIM about my feelings. The last week we have spent on chatting a little, but not enough and the time difference doesn’t help us to meet online.

4. I haven’t been on a date since the sexy date with the English boy. I have 2 or 3 lined up and it’s just a matter of saying ‘oh, let’s meet up’, but I usually prefer to hang out with M or My Sister, or watching Breaking Bad in my room. Sorry, horny young boys in Chiang Mai! Divorce and Single feels to lazy to talk to you.