I had a date yesterday. I agreed to meet an English guy, who is here only temporarily, until the 16th. I especially chose him because I don’t actually know if I want something long term. He seemed really nice, so I decided to give him a chance.

There’s nothing to report on this one really.

He seems like a decent guy, normal, a bit shy. I felt like we had a lot to talk about, but during the whole conversation I felt a really heavy energy. But, that might have been up to the fact that I was a little tired.

I am not crazy about this one. He is good looking and the only thing I would want to do would be to rip that t-shirt off his perfect body and see how he looks naked. I might do that if he asks me out again. If not, then I won’t cry because of it.

I have two other dates lined up, but I feel a little tired, so I might postpone them. I got used to not going out during the week, and don’t really want to change my routing this week. I might just go for a massage and pedicure instead of meeting a stranger for a drink.