The last month has been all about spending time with myself. When HE left at the beginning of September I told him I wanted to become a hermit for a while. At the beginning it was hard because due to my broken heart I needed company. Then, it got easier. I was a little tired after all the dating, sex and late nights I had with HIM. So, I finally caught up with my sleep, exercised a little, watched A LOT of movies, read books, put face masks, hair conditioners and body lotions on my body. I made food for myself that was healthy and nutritious (and I saved money – bonus!). I even stopped smoking during the week. Only on Fridays did I went out with my friends.

I spent so much time alone that I am beginning to get boooored!

So, this month I decided to socialize a little more. I am a weird person. I have two people inside of me. One loves to be around others. When I go out I am in my element. A lot of times I sit in a coffee shop and am chatted up by random people. A friend of mine told me that strangers want to get to know me and talk to me, and I don’t even notice that.

My other half is an introvert. That person doesn’t like people. In fact, people annoy the shit out of her.

Sometimes, at parties, she stands in a corner and just smiles awkwardly. She gets very self-concious when she is somewhere, where she knows only one or two people, and she clings to them constantly. She would love to make some friends, but hates the small talk and will only get along with someone, who is more chatty than her.

She goes to the gym and sees a lot of good looking guys, but she pretends that she doesn’t see them, because she has no idea how to make new friends at a gym.

And so on, so on…

Because of my introvert side, making new friends and meeting people is better online. So, I have decided to go back to the good, old Ok Cupid. My strategy is: like a lot of other people’s profiles (that includes girls, too), send every single one of them a message and see what happens. I am already chatting to some guys. One of them is 44 (!!!). I am not doing it because I want a hook up (although, sex would be nice), but I really do want to meet other people.

My next step is to sign up for a photography workshop that takes place next week. I already have goose bumps thinking of spending Saturday and Sunday with strangers…but I think it will be good for me. I might finally dust off my camera and make a use of it.

I will also go to every single social thing people invite me to (and yes, that includes a punk concert this Saturday) and then send nice messages to everyone I know in Chiang Mai and go for a  dinner/lunch/coffee/beer with them.

Meanwhile, I will maintain the healthy balance between my social and my private life and remember that I need to have some alone time, otherwise I will burn out quickly.