Recently I have decided to catch up with all the geeky things, like watch all Batman and Star War movies, read Harry Potter and re-watch and re-read the Lord of the Rings. Isn’t geekynness sexy?

Tolkien is pretty expensive on Amazon, so I went to one of the local bookshops, which sell western books for affordable prices. I looked at the shelves full of known and less known titles and found only 2nd and 3rd parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I went to another bookshop, which was much better stocked up. I lingered at the shelves marked ‘fantasy. Next to me a geeky looking guy was also looking for something. I am not normally drawn to the bushy hair, long beards and glasses, but there was something about him…He looked at me and smiled a little. I returned the smile. He picked up a book and proceeded to the next shelf.

I looked for the ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ a little longer and couldn’t find it. Again, there were only second and third parts. I was about to give up when the Geek showed up again and put something on the shelf. I looked at it and…surprise, surprise it was the book I was looking for. ‘Oh, thank you’ I laughed. The Geek looked at me surprised ‘Excuse me?’ he asked. ‘I was looking for this’ I said. ‘Really? You can have it. I decided to go for something else. Have you read it?’ he asked. ‘Yes, but in Polish. I want to read it again in English’. ‘Oh cool. What did you think about it?’ he asked. We stood there talking a little longer. Suddenly, a young woman appeared at his side. ‘Honey, which one would you like?’ she asked, showing him two books she held in her hands.

Damn it! I was hoping he would ask me out for a coffee. I would like to continue discussing Tolkien with him.

I need to visit bookshops more often.