Well, not actually a weekend…two nights, from Thursday to Saturday.

We stayed at 5 star hotel in Bangkok (at his expense), with a swimming pool on the roof.
During the first night we hanged out at the infamous Sukhumvit. I got him to go to a club, which we thought was a strip joint, but turned out to be a brothel, with half naked girls dancing on a stage, and where a drink cost us 250 baht each (normally it costs 70 baht).
We ended up having sex at the pool in our hotel, and then in our room until 5 am.

The next day we slept a lot, went for a swim, had sex and went to venture around the city. Bangkok is so crazy. Every time I go there it surprises me with something new. This time it was a taxi driver, who was also a music teacher and taught only Elvis’s songs at school. He sang for us and then made quite a good impersonation of the king.
Then, there was the Siam night market, where you can buy anything you like, go for a meal, and to a strip club, or a brothel. Pretty dodgy place.

The more sex with the Polish guy I had the more I enjoyed it. He is a kind of a guy who likes to give. He enjoys giving pleasure and can do it for ages. I couldn’t get enough of it. There were positions I had never tried before, things he did with his fingers, with his tongue. It was CRAZY!

Besides that I found him extremely funny. He made me laugh all the time. I couldn’t stop giggling. And there is nothing better than a guy, who can make you laugh.

I came back home today. We said good by this morning. Well, we didn’t really said it. We hugged and he gave me a quick kiss.

How do I feel about the whole thing? I had fun, that’s for sure. It was worth going to the capital again. I had lots of great sex, had a laugh and really good conversations. I will miss him, but I also know that he’s gone and I might never see him again. But he gave me a lot and I am thankful for meeting him.
Deep inside, I hope I will meet him again sometime.