I started thinking about hooking up with girls after the whole drama with the School Crush. I was only thinking about it because I thought it would be easier with woman. We think the same and maybe (just maybe) there won’t be too many broken hearts. Besides, I kind of like the Thai Toms here (the ones with short hair, wearing trousers and looking like young boys).
I almost had a date with a tom from OKCupid ones, but I chickened out at the last minute.

Yesterday we went out with some other teachers I met through a friend. One of them was a girl around my age. She was really tiny, had blond hair and glasses, and she was one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. During our conversation it turned out she was bi, so I thought I would take the chance and started flirting with her. Few more drinks later we went to a club. My best friend M and I danced with the girl and suddenly all 3 of us started making out. It was bizarre. I was thinking of going home with her… I have never in my life thought that would be possible. Unfortunately, she had to go home. She left me wanting more…

I am freaking out a little.

Isn’t it strange that at the age of 33 I am discovering my sexuality? It doesn’t feel wrong, but I am just confused.
I have no idea how to have sex with a girl and if I’m going to like it. It will be so awkward…

On the other hand, I want to try. But how do I go around meeting other girls and letting them know that I am interested in more than a friendship? I am good at doing that with guys, but girls?…What do I do?