The Polish guy left me feeling happy. I miss him a lot, but for some reason I can’t stop smiling. Yesterday I told him how I felt…

Me: How is Koh Tao?
PG: It’s nice. I met a few nice guys, but the girls here are very young. Way too young for me.
Me: Well, I’m actually glad that they are.
PG: Why?
Me: I’m not good at expressing my feelings, but I will try. I realise that we don’t have any future together. I know that you were here on holiday and we might never meet again. But to me you weren’t only another adventure. You were someone special and a part of me can’t stop imagining another end to this story.
PG: I told you not to fall for me.
Me: Well, I didn’t fall in love with you, but I like you a lot and I realise what I’ve missed.
PG: You know that I don’t believe in love. I really need to spend a lot of time with a girl to trust her. There’s a distance between us and, like you said, we probably never meet again. Try to detach yourself…

And that’s that. I am suffering a little. I still imagine him coming back here. But thanks to him I feel like a new born woman. I look in the mirror and think that I am hot. I walk with a new confidence. I smile more and I look into the future with a new optimism. I just hope this feeling lasts. And I hope I will meet another soulmate again, who will stay with me forever.