I met the Polish guy yesterday again. As it turned out I am not THAT attracted to him physically, but I LOVE his personality. We have the same sense of humour. He makes me laugh so much that I have tears in my eyes. We can talk for hours about everything and nothing.

Yesterday we went to watch a Muai Tai fight and after we went to a local bar, where we sat talking until 1. After we went to his place and tried to swim in the hostel’s swimming pool. Unfortunately, there was a very small and very pissed off security guard, who carried a laptop with him. Every time we wanted to have a dip, or laughed loudly, the guy pushed the buttons on his laptop and a very ‘machine like’ sounding woman was telling us in English not to use the pool, and be quiet.

Finally, after a few attempts, we went to his bungalow and yes, we had sex…which was pretty good, but the guy makes sounds like a woman out of a porn movie. I was a little drunk, so didn’t pay attention to it, but this morning was thinking about it and thought it was the weirdest thing ever.

I stayed overnight and woke up at 6:30, which is a little too late. I had to go home, take a shower, dress and went to work, still a little drunk. Do you know how difficult it is to teach 30 Thai students while pissed?

I am meeting him tonight again and will probably spend a night at his place. I really do enjoy his company, but that bloody moaning…I just need to block it out somehow.