My friend A is bipolar. I love him like my brother. He is a person I confess my sins to. I like spending time with him. He’s funny and chatty, but when he is not on his meds he gets really evil. He ran out of his tablets a week or so ago and is now in a phase when he just wants to argue. He told my other friend to die, he told me to ‘fuck off’ and he did it publicly, on Facebook. He gets into those moods, and then an hour later everything is perfect again. He behaves like nothing happened.

I am trying to have patience, but it is hard. Sometimes I just want to shout at him and punch him in the face. I know he is sick and needs help, but do I have to put up with his moods? He refuses to go back on meds because he doesn’t want to be dependent on them. 

On top of that, I am convienced now that my mum is bipolar, too. When I was little I was beaten, shouted at and called names. My mum went into hysterical moods and then an hour later she was as sweet as a pie. I always thought that she was just moody, but now the more research I do and more I think about it, I am convinced that she has the same thing as my friend A. Maybe that’s why I can’t put up with him anymore. Maybe, because I went through this shit in my childhood, I can’t do it anymore.

Does anyone have any relatives, or know someone who is bipolar? How do you deal with people like that? Should I just stop seeing my friend and detach myself from him for my own sake?