Our friend invited the School Crush and I for a bbq last night. We drove there, ate, had a couple of beers and hanged out. We ended up spending the night there. And you know what happened, right….I wasn’t going to sleep with him again. Well, I was going to wait a little, but I just couldn’t resist. I hadn’t had sex for almost 2 months now and I really wanted it. I don’t feel bad for making it easy for him. Well, maybe a little for being such a weak person, but at the end of the day it was good and I enjoyed it.

We got up this morning, went to have breakfast, went to a lovely little market to do some shopping, had a coffee, drove around…It was a great beginning of the day. 

I have decided not to have any expectations and stop pushing him to give me more than he can. I will just take it for what it is and live with it. I realise that we wouldn’t be a good couple. He would annoy the shit out of me, so it’s better that I see him only during the weekend. Of course, I will still be jealous if I find out that he dates someone, but then I am free to do the same. I will try not to overanalyze the situation. I will try….