I had a bad week last week. I felt really depressed and lonely…then I looked at my calendar, and yes – my PMS was kicking in. My Lovely Friend advised me a couple of times to look for some alternative medications for my mood swings. I did. All I could find was: eat fruit, exercise etc. etc. Well, I do all that and it still doesn’t work. 

The older I get the worse my PMS gets. I calculated that I get mood swings 2 weeks before my period. 2 weeks!!! That’s half of my lifetime. If anyone has any advice on what I could do, I would really appreciate it.

Life is ok at the moment. I am busy at work. In the evenings I don’t really do much. Sometimes I go out with my sister, or just watch some documentaries (my latest obsession – docs on serial killers).

School Crush and I still see each other every now and then. Usually I make an excuse and leave. I just don’t want him to think I wait around for him to text me. Normally, I just make plans for my weekends and if I can fit him in somewhere, I do.

Today I am bored. I don’t really have any plans and feel like I am wasting my time. I thought of texting School Crush and ask him if he wanted to hang out, but not sure if this is not going to be too up front. On the other hand, I did it all the time before and didn’t think much about it, so why not I am so reluctant?