The date with the Frenchie went really well. We went for a beer and talked for ages. It was so nice to be able to talk about books and films, and photography with a guy. I loved it. 

Since then we’ve seen each other almost every day. 

We went out for a friend’s birthday on Saturday. I finally told my sister about us. She was mad because I hadn’t told her before, but finally she came to terms with the situation. 

We then went out again 2 days ago. He stayed overnight, but again – nothing happened. Well, kind of….there was almost everything, but no sex. Can you imagine that I haven’t slept with him yet? 

But the things we did were so exciting. I like to roughen things up sometime. Not too much…but you know…a little. And he seems to like it, too. We didn’t even talk about it. It just came naturally. 

I haven’t had a chance to discover that part of me with anyone yet, and I’m excited about it and really looking forward to discover another side to sex. 

I like Frenchie…He’s cute, funny and honestly nice. I like his smile, and his eyes. I like his hair, that is always messy. I like to slide my fingers through it. I like his slim, muscley body…I like the fact I can talk to him about anything I like and he’s not put off by my shit talks.

I can’t remember when was the last time a man told me I was beautiful, or just cool….the Frenchie pays me compliments all the time. It makes me uncomfortable as I am not used to hear them, but I feel like a desired woman and love it!

But the greatest thing about the whole situation is that he doesn’t play any games with me. He likes me, he messages me all the time, he wants to spend time with me and it’s not only about sex. He asks me tons of questions, he wants to know me. 

At first I was just excited to date a guy, who I can talk about stuff to. It will sound funny, but I was put off by his shoes. He wears terrible flip flops and shoes are important to me. Marion always laughs when I say that the guy might look like Ryan Gosling, but if he wears bad shoes then that’s it for me. I’m not interested. 

But after a while I got used to seeing him in those flip flops I hate. I don’t notice them any more. I notice the way he smokes cigarette and the way he holds it in his hand – so sexy…Or when we walk for a while and he gets tired, he gets slightly pink cheeks….

Am I smitten?