The Frenchie, my sister, a girl from their work and I went out. It was getting late, so the girls decided to go home. I stayed with the French guy. We talked about OK Cupid, we drank beer, went to sit at a river. 

When the time came to say good bye he said he liked me, but he didn’t want to rush into things as he wants to get to know me better. He took me home on a scooter and ended up staying overnight. But nothing happened. We kissed, that’s all. 

Since then he has been messaging me every single day. We chat about everything and nothing. Yesterday we went to a concert together. My sister was there. Because she doesn’t know it was pretty hard for us to keep our hands off each other. 

I am meeting him alone today.

He’s really cute, we seem to have a lot in common,but the whole thing is really intense. I was gone out of town for 2 days and he said he missed me. Isn’t it too strange? Isn’t it too early for confessions like that?

He’s also a bit hyperactive and when I’m around him it feels like I am a boring person comparing to him -a real ball of energy. 

If we continue to see each other it will be interesting, when the School Crush comes back to town.