A while ago, when I still thought that going out with guys from OK Cupid was a good idea, I chatted to a French guy. He was moving here to work at one of the NGO projects. It turned out that my sister was going to work at the same organisation. Small world eh…it gets smaller, when you live here. 

I was going to go out with the Frenchie, but I became discouraged with the whole dating scene here and decided not to. 

My sister arrived a few days ago. I told her about that I had met her colleague online and I was curious how he looked like. She met him a few hours later and texted me saying he was pretty cute. 

‘Shit’ I said ‘I should have gone out with him when I had a chance’

‘Divorceandsingle’ my sister replied ‘You can do whatever you want. I don’t judge. But there is one thing I ask of you – keep your vagina on a leash for a while and restrain yourself from romances with my co-workers’.

What can I do? She’s my sister and I lover her, but why does she need to be so fucking reasonable?

The weekend came. My sis and her new friends from work were going to Shambhala Festival for some music and beer. And music and beer I like the most, so I went along.

We met at the bus station. I said hello to the Frenchie. He either didn’t recognize me, or pretended not to. So, I didn’t say anything either. It had been awhile since we last talked, so he might have forgotten. 

Yes, he was cute. Not handsome, but cute….

My sister laughed when I said that I liked him, but she made me promise again I will keep away from him. 

So, I did. I stayed away from him the whole time. I talked to his colleagues, my sister, but not him. Because I know that once I start talking to a handsome man, I just want to flirt. 

We got drunk, we listened to music, slept in a tipi together, but nothing happened. And probably nothing will happen. Damn you sister!!

From other news – I have a job interview this week. It’s in a town 8 hours drive from here. I also have a skype interview today for a job in Bali. I don’t want to start working until May as I want to go away again.

The School Crush hasn’t been in touch for 5 days. I don’t want to count down the days, but why the hell doesn’t he write? The last time I wrote to him, and I don’t want to do it in case he thinks I’m becoming desperate. 

As far as I know his plans, he wants to come back here for a month and then look for work. I think I might stay in Chiang Mai for another couple of weeks, so we might meet. Unless, he goes to Laos to travel, like he once mentioned, and then we will probably go in our separate ways.