Whenever I say I’m men’d out someone comes along….

First of all I finished my teaching course yesterday. I’m so proud of myself!

Anyway, I’ve been chatting to a guy on OK Cupid for a while with a nickname Slice of Pai (that’s not a spelling mistake. Pai is a place in the mountains). He really seemed nice, but I was reluctant to go out with him and was putting the date off. 

Last Thursday I went out to the cinema with a couple of people from the course. One friend was saying she had met a guy online, had gone out with him for dinner and he was going to come with us to the movies. And…you know what’s coming right? yeah, that was Slice of Pai. He didn’t recognize me, but we chatted a while and then I told him we already knew each other. We hit it off. He was really nice to chat to, and my friend didn’t mind. So, after the film we went out to a local club/bar. He walked me to the hotel after and tried to kiss me. For some reason, I just thought it wouldn’t be ok and I pulled back. He took my FB details and said he would be in touch. 

The next day we celebrated our graduation and went out to a karaoke bar. 

(Not sure if I already wrote about it, but I have had a little crush on a guy from the course. Not sure why I fancy him so much. He’s not my type at all with his blond hair and blue eyes, and the sometimes he comes up with some really strange stuff…We’ve been flirting with each other at school and hanging out together in the afternoons, but I didn’t want to start anything, as it would have been way too awkward at school)

Anyway, back to the karaoke bar. My course crush and I went to walk one of the girls home and on our way back I said to him I liked him and he kissed me. Since then he didn’t leave me for a second. We were trying to pretend in front of the others that there was nothing between us, but after a few cocktails we just stopped to care. 

At some point we went to another bar and I was standing by myself in the corner and who did I meet? Slice of Pai. He came up to me and started chatting, complimenting me on my looks etc. At that point I saw my School Crush approaching us. He joined us. put his arm around me and kissed me. Slice of Pai was shocked. I guess, I won’t be dating him now. 

School Crush ended up in my hotel room that night. We didn’t have sex per se as I was on my period (again! what is wrong with the universe??), but there was a lot of nakedness and touching. 

He went to Burma today for his visa run and might come tonight to see me. He’s then going to the north east of Thailand to volunteer and might (just might) be back in a month or two. Not that I’m counting on anything…As you know, I’m trying not to overanalyze and just allow things to unravel. Besides, the guy is not really for me. We just fancy each other, that’s it. 

I’m actually glad he’s leaving as I really don’t need a boyfriend right now.