I’ve been hanging out with T a lot these days. He’s gayer than Ricky Martin, at least that was what it seemed like to me. He is the feminine type, bitchy and moody. He told me stories about having sex with guys. He makes me laugh so hard I cry sometimes. I love the guy.

We went out with Marion and some other people yesterday. T told me I looked like Heidi Klum and I have nice body. I thought it was a hell of a compliment coming from a gay guy. Then he told me I had nice boobs, he grabbed one and said it was firm. I laughed. He’s gay after all, right?

He put his arm around me while we were walking. ‘Oh, you’re a perfect size for me’ he said laughing ‘We should have sex. It would be awesome’. 

‘But T’ I said ‘You’re gay!’

‘Well hun’ he smiled at me ‘I’m actually bi-curious. I like women, too. I’m just attracted to people…’ and then he tried to kiss me (with an emphasis on ‘tried’. He didn’t succeed though).

OH MY GODDDD!!! My new gay friend is not gay!